Commercial General Contractors in Lakeland Fl

It’s been a challenge to find workers for construction projects the past few years, but the workers are out there! Here’s how to reach them.

As any supervisor in the field of commercial construction can tell you, it’s been a real challenge to keep a crew fully staffed lately. Some of that is due to the pandemic, but even before the coronavirus struck, the construction industry was facing some serious worker shortages. As a leader in Central Florida’s construction market for almost 50 years, Register Construction has learned a thing or two about finding good construction employees.

Look in the Right Places

Gone are the days of simply running a classified ad in the local paper and waiting for the applications to come in. These days, you need to go to where the workers are looking, which often means online. Make sure your social media presence is up-to-date and start using it to advertise open positions. 

When you do advertise an open position, make sure to highlight the many benefits of working in construction. Go beyond the basics of financial compensation and let potential job candidates know what you can offer them in terms of insurance coverage, opportunities for growth, and extra fringe benefits.

Word of mouth is still a great recruiting tool, so an employee referral program can help draw in new recruits. Attending career fairs is another good strategy for making direct contact with prospective job candidates. You can also form a partnership with local schools to develop an educational program geared toward preparing students for a career in construction.

At Register Construction, we also recommend working with a recruiter to help find qualified candidates quickly. There are some fantastic staffing agencies in our area that will work hard to get the right people to you when you need them most.

The Future Is Bright

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged when it seems difficult to find the workers you need. Construction is a vital industry that isn’t going away, so it’s only a matter of time before the younger generations realize that the job stability offered by construction work is truly a valuable aspect. Register Construction is predicting a real renaissance of construction careers on the horizon! 

Register Construction’s services include pre-construction, design-build, general contracting, and construction management throughout Polk County and Central Florida. We’ve worked in every sector, including industrial, manufacturing, automotive and retail, warehouse and distribution, office and medical, education, and cold storage. Reach out and learn what we can do for you.