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DS Services – Central Florida Development

This concrete tilt wall, state of the art customer contact facility is another project with our partnership with LeFrois Developers for DS Services. Lakeland’s Register Construction has built over Two Million SF of Tilt Wall with LeFrois Developers.



What is Tilt Wall Construction

Concrete tilt-wall construction, also known as tilt-up construction, is a method of building where concrete walls are cast horizontally on site in large slabs, then tilted up into position to form the exterior walls of a structure. This technique is renowned for its efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness, making it a crucial part of the construction process, particularly for commercial, industrial, and some residential buildings. The method allows for the rapid erection of walls, significantly reducing construction time compared to traditional masonry construction methods. Furthermore, it offers enhanced durability and strength, providing superior resistance to weather and fire. Tilt-wall construction also enables a high degree of architectural flexibility, allowing for the incorporation of unique design elements into the concrete panels. This construction method plays an important role in the overall project by streamlining the building process, optimizing costs, and ensuring structural integrity, which ultimately contributes to the timely and successful completion of construction projects. This enables Register Construction in Lakeland, FL to exceed expectations and provide optimal client satisfaction. We value building client relationships as much as building top-quality structures.