NOAA Aircraft Operations Center Phase II

This 44,000 SF expansion project, includes additional hangar space to accommodate new aircraft that NOAA is acquiring to assist with data gathering, hurricane tracking and coastal mapping.  An existing storage space will also be converted to a new two- story office space to provide additional workspace for NOAA staff.

Register Construction previously worked with The Lunz Group Architecture Firm to complete Phase I of the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center at Lakeland Linder International Airport. This fast track project was completed in 5 ½ months.  The 58,000 SF Tilt Wall Hanger has a clear height of 47’ and a 206’ clear span truss system. The trusses are 206’ long and weigh approximately 30,000 lbs each.  The tilt wall panels are 62′ tall and range from 215,000–240,000 lbs.  The hangar includes 34,000 SF of dedicated office and laboratory space, with an additional 13,000 SF for aircraft repairs and storage. This massive hanger can easily fit all nine of the Aircraft Operation Center’s aircraft at once, including the three used by Hurricane Hunters.

This project also includes a 255,000 gallon water tank, known as the “Blue Monster”, which is needed to support emergency fire suppression demands and is capable of releasing 5,800 gallons of water per minute.