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Construction Safety Week 2023 is officially May 1–5, but at Register Construction we believe that every week should involve serious attention to safety on any commercial construction jobsite. Danger never takes a vacation, and neither should safety. 

Creating a Culture of Safety

The slogan for 2023 Construction Safety Week is Strong Voices, Safe Choices. At Register Construction, we take that as a personal objective to encourage every member of our team to act with safety at the forefront of their intent at all times.

Weekly safety meetings are a great way to instill a safety-focused mindset in a crew. This time can be used to remind everyone of the known hazards of a jobsite and also for workers to bring to light possible hazards they’ve encountered while working that may not have been previously considered. This empowers everyone to play an important role in maintaining a work environment that is as safe as possible for all who could be present on the site throughout the project.

Employee participation is an integral part of overall jobsite safety. These are the individuals who most often encounter the workplace hazards and risks as they go about their job tasks, and they are generally the people most likely to become injured as a result of those hazards. All team members should be encouraged to immediately report unsafe situations or equipment without concern of reprisal.

A little mindfulness can go a long way toward creating a culture of safety. Any time there is a sense of something not being right on the jobsite, workers and supervisors should cultivate a habit of pausing, assessing the situation, and communicating any concerns to the appropriate manager immediately. 

Register Construction Supports Safety

Commercial construction work can be a risky business. However, Register Construction believes those risks can be minimized when everyone takes safety personally.