While the holidays are a popular time for giving, remember to support your community
throughout the year.

At Register Construction, community is one of our top priorities. While many individuals and organizations are motivated to give generously during the holiday season, we believe that supporting our community should be a year-round commitment. Generosity to those around us is how we express our gratitude for the success we have been blessed with over the years.

A Spirit of Giving

There are so many worthy charities and groups in Central Florida that are deserving of your time and consideration. Here are just a few that Register Construction supports.

  • Peace River Center. This amazing nonprofit is committed to improving the mental health of Central Florida through numerous programs and outreach efforts. Register Construction is a strong supporter of reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues by discussing these topics as a community and working together to create awareness, support, and solutions.
  • Gospel, Inc. The incredible work done by this Christ-centered enterprise helps to establish stability and security for those experiencing homelessness to create an environment in which they can grow and flourish. 
  • Top Buttons. Too many young women fail to reach their true potential due to a panoply of social obstacles. Top Buttons is dedicated to empowering young women by providing education, mentoring, and proper attire for work and school so they can express themselves with grace and confidence while working towards their goals.
  • VISTE (Volunteers In Service To the Elderly). We believe in respecting our elders, and providing them with a helping hand whenever necessary. VISTE embodies this spirit by enabling many seniors to remain safely independent in their own homes.
  • KidsPACK. No child should go hungry, no matter what their situation is. KidsPACK helps to ensure that all children in our community have enough food to eat every day – not just on school days.
  • Salvation Army. We are delighted to have the opportunity to volunteer as bell ringers for this esteemed organization that strives tirelessly in their mission to meet human needs in the name of Jesus without discrimination.
  • Parker Street Ministries. At this time of year, Parker Street Ministries is in need of toys and other items for gifts to children and families in need. Please consider making a contribution to this wonderful group that is seeking to erase the sociopolitical lines that divide us to foster a sense of real community.

We Believe in People

At Register Construction, we believe that supporting our community through service and donation is important throughout the year. We all rely on other people in a multitude of ways, and it’s important that we offer a hand to those in need whenever we are in a position to do so. We encourage you all to take the time to offer your aid, in whatever way you are able, to someone who could use a little assistance not only during the holidays but also every other day of the year.

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