Safety isn’t just an industry requirement. It’s a value we hold near and dear to our hearts here at Register Construction

National Construction Safety Week is our yearly reminder to not only follow – but celebrate – the importance of sticking to safety protocols and embracing new technology that keeps us all safer. 

What Is Construction Safety Week?

Once a year during National Construction Safety Week, people in the construction industry put their heads together to emphasize how crucial safety is on sites around the country.

Forget just sticking to rules. Safety is a holistic approach that encourages the well-being of each and every worker to foster the long-term success of any project. 

During this event, companies like Register Construction share best practices, offer training, and promote a culture of safety, striving for the ultimate goal of zero incidents.

Safety Week really matters, for all kinds of big reasons. This is where we all get down to brass tacks on common dangers at work, take a moment for some reflection on tough times past, and raise a glass to victories large and small.

How Register Keeps Up with Safety & Health Innovations

At Register Construction, safety is not an afterthought — it’s built into every phase of our construction process. 

We keep our safety game strong by keeping an eye on the latest industry news, participating in safety training and awareness programs, and investing in cutting-edge safety equipment. 

We are constantly adjusting our protocols to meet or exceed the newest standards. Regular short safety meetings are conducted on our job sites to keep workers informed about the latest safety procedures and any risks or dangers of the specific task at hand. We recognize safety as a shared responsibility.

Beyond physical injury prevention, we focus on mental health and stress reduction for our employees. We lead by example and encourage an open dialogue where team members can address any safety concerns without fear of reprimand. This inclusive approach fosters a community where workers feel valued and can contribute to a safer work environment.

Register Stays Ahead in Safety and Health

Construction Safety Week is more than an event; it’s a mindset that is deeply intertwined with the work Register Construction does daily. It’s through these proactive approaches that we continue to set precedents in the industry, with a commitment to safety that’s unparalleled.

Register Construction’s services include pre-construction, general contracting, design-build, and construction management throughout Polk County and all of Central Florida. We provide safe commercial construction solutions in industrial, cold storage, manufacturing, aviation, automotive and retail, office and medical, education, and so much more. 

At Register Construction, we believe every week should be Safety Week. We’ll make sure your next project is completed as smoothly – and safely – as possible.