Working as an apprentice in the construction field can open up many doors of opportunity for you.

Apprenticeships have been used for centuries as a way for young people to get the training they need to enter a vocation. Becoming an apprentice in a construction trade is a fantastic way to “earn as you learn” because you actually get paid while being taught the necessary skills for a terrific career. Register Construction definitely recommends that anyone seeking stable, long-term employment in construction look for apprenticeship opportunities.

How Apprenticeships Work

While apprenticeship programs have been around for many years, they don’t really get the attention they deserve these days. In recent decades, there has been a substantial increase in the pressure placed on high school students to continue their education by attending a university or other four-year college. Education is a wonderful thing, but the fact of the matter is that a college education isn’t for everyone.

Many trade schools offer apprenticeship programs that are far less costly for students and result in landing a great-paying job much sooner. At Register Construction, we believe firmly in the value of young people starting their careers with practical training and as little debt as possible. 

An apprenticeship program often involves a certain amount of classroom time and/or on-the-job training. Some programs require a set number of hours of training to be completed, while others focus on gauging the student’s ability to demonstrate that they’ve mastered the applicable skills to complete the program. Both models are highly effective at ensuring students gain the knowledge needed to become competent, successful workers.

Another benefit to apprenticing in the construction industry is having the chance to meet local industry leaders and get your foot in the door with a good company. It’s a great way to network professionally and also connect with inspiring mentors.

Start Climbing the Ladder as an Apprentice

Working and training as an apprentice can lead to so many opportunities. You’ll get paid to learn real, marketable skills, and once you’ve completed the program you’ll be well-positioned for a significant pay raise and promotion. If you’d like information on apprenticeship programs Register Construction works with, give us a call at (863) 687-7775.

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