February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, making this a good time to highlight the value of this type of education. At Register Construction, we recognize the value of all types of education, but as specialists in the commercial construction industry, technical education is of special importance to us. 

What Makes Career and Technical Education So Important?

No matter what career field a student is heading toward, education is going to take them much farther than simply starting at the bottom. The National Center for Construction Education & Research explains that CTE provides academic, employability, and technical skills through programs at high schools, career centers, community, and technical colleges. CTE prepares students for work in many industries that are of vital importance to society, including construction.

CTE gives students a clear understanding of what will be expected of them when they enter the working world and offers opportunities to earn certifications and credentials that will qualify graduates for higher-paying positions upon completion. 

Especially in the midst of the widespread labor shortage, Register Construction finds that those with CTE training are prepared and well-positioned to transition to the workforce.

Research has shown that only about a third of college freshmen who are pursuing associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in order to land a job with a respectable income believe they are actually gaining the necessary skills and knowledge. It is worth noting, however, that students who major in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) tend to have more confidence in their future success.

Construction careers are lucrative, stable, and heavily invested in STEM learning. The wise student will consider the options presented and see the value of pursuing an education that will pay off quickly and for many years to come. 

Evaluate Your Potential

Whether you are a recent high school graduate considering the career paths before you or someone looking for a more rewarding profession, Register Construction urges you to look into Career and Technical Education. It’s not just about construction; this type of training opens the door to opportunities in a range of industries, from agriculture to manufacturing, health sciences, consumer sciences, and more. This could be your true calling!