At Register Construction, we take safety seriously. This year, Construction Safety Week is recognized May 2 – 6. Construction Safety Week provides an opportunity for all of us who work in the construction trades to take time to evaluate our current safety procedures and identify any areas that could be improved. 

Why Safety Matters

Let’s not mince words – construction can be dangerous work. The leadership team at Register Construction is acutely aware of the risks involved in this line of work. We’re also aware of the fulfilling and rewarding nature of our industry. That’s why we designate Construction Safety Week as a good time to revisit our safety protocols and recommit to the safety and well-being of our employees. Each and every one of our employees shares the same pride in our safety culture. 

Why do we care so much about safety? We have an ethical and moral responsibility to protect Register Construction employees. Our employees are the backbone of this company. Without their dedication and hard work, we’d be out of business. We also know there is more to workplace safety than just protecting the body. We invest in every aspect of safety, and that includes mental health.

We’re in the business of building, and we’re building more than structures. We’re building lives, communities, connections, and a better tomorrow. We can’t build on those principles unless we reinforce them in our own company and with our own employees.

We believe we are stronger together. When we provide the support needed for success, we all benefit. Communication is key to creating a safer work environment, so when something seems off, we want to know about it.

Register Construction Cares

Even though the bottom line matters to every businessperson, no amount of money saved can justify the avoidable injury of any person. We value every member of our team, and we back that up by taking every precaution to keep them safe on the job.

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