At Register Construction, we take our core values seriously. We believe in commitment to the communities we serve, fostering diversity in the workplace, and working toward a sustainable future through innovation and resource conservation. If this seems like a challenge to implement in your company, we want to share how we actively incorporate our values into every commercial construction project we do from the get-go.

Creating a Culture of Principled Action

For 50 years, Register Construction has been dedicated to providing valuable construction services to our clients throughout Polk County, Central Florida, and beyond while adhering to our company’s core values. The best way to maintain a company culture based on meaningful principles is by establishing those values from the very beginning.

This also means that with each new hire, it needs to be clearly communicated what those core values are for a company, and how employees are expected to adhere to those values on the job. There will be times when a highly qualified applicant has to be rejected because they have demonstrated a lack of commitment to the company’s underlying principles, and other times when a candidate may be hired because they will mesh well with the company culture despite lacking some of the preferred technical skills. 

As long as new hires are willing and able to learn, they can be trained to perform the work tasks their position will require. It’s far more difficult to teach someone the ethics of responsibility, respect, or community commitment on the job. Those types of soft skills can make or break an employee’s success with a company.

Performance reviews should have a component of assessing employees’ behavior and how well they are representing the company in the world at large. Your employees are an extension of your company, and often the most visible aspect of your business to the public. They should be aware of how their actions reflect upon their employer.

Leading by Example

The most important thing an employer can do to foster a spirit of ethical conduct throughout a company is to lead by example. Register Construction is proud of our leadership because the people who run this company truly practice what they preach, living the values we cherish each and every day.

Register Construction’s services include pre-construction, design-build, general contracting, and construction management throughout Central Florida. We’ve worked in every type of industry, including industrial, manufacturing, automotive and retail, warehouse and distribution, office and medical, education, and cold storage. Reach out and learn what we can do for you.