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If you think the commercial construction industry is solely a man’s world, think again! March 5 – 11 is Women in Construction Week, and Register Construction would like to highlight the important role that women have played – and continue to play – in construction.

Forget the Stereotypes!

The idea of women working in construction may seem like a modern notion to some, but archaeologists have found evidence of female construction workers as far back as the 13th century in Spain. Women were recorded as being not just patrons of special building projects, but also as working alongside their husbands as their apprentices on wooden and stone structures.

For hundreds of years after that, however, there are few records of the women who did undoubtedly work in the construction field. In Europe, it was considered by many that construction work was not appropriate for a woman to be involved in, and those who were working as builders would often be snubbed and looked down on. Consequently, their contributions frequently went unmentioned in historic records. 

These days, women are well-documented as an integral part of the construction industry, and we at Register Construction are glad for it. Although women comprise just 10 percent of the construction workforce, their contributions are significant.

The majority of women currently employed in construction are in such roles as sales, management, executive, and other office positions. However, there are many women working in production, transportation, maintenance, and other hands-on roles in the field. The days of considering any specific type of job “for men only” are in the past now.

Register Construction’s Commitment to Equality

At Register Construction, we are committed to advancing gender equality by supporting and celebrating the women who dedicate their lives to careers in construction, no matter what type of role they choose to perform. We encourage all young women who are uncertain what path to follow after high school to consider training in a trade or vocational school. There is plenty of room in this industry for anyone with a sincere desire to participate in the building of our future.

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