During the past couple of years, construction has really slowed down. This is primarily a result of the pandemic interrupting global supply chains, making it difficult for builders to acquire the materials necessary for their projects. Well, as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and researchers and engineers the world over have been hard at work coming up with innovative solutions to the supply chain problems. We at Register Construction are excited to see some of the new materials emerging in the world of commercial construction.

Building a Better World

Register Construction recognizes the value of sourcing building materials locally as much as possible, and we understand the importance of working toward reduced carbon emissions and other environmental impacts. That’s why we love seeing so many inventive minds coming up with new uses for refuse and waste.

Paper is one of the most commonly recycled products, but it has a finite lifespan for being turned into paper again. Now a Barcelona company has found a way to produce construction boards from the otherwise unusable cellulose residue generated by paper mills. This board material can be used for interior partitioning or cladding. 

Potato peelings are also being utilized to create chipboard, aptly named “Chip[s] Board.” It makes a sustainable alternative to medium-density fiberboard that doesn’t contain formaldehyde or other toxic resins. 

Concrete is getting fresh consideration, too. A Canadian company has created Carbicrete, a concrete made from steel processing waste slag and carbon captured from industrial plants rather than CO₂-emitting calcium. Meanwhile, German researchers have developed concrete strengthened with an internal mesh of fine carbon fibers that allows for greater structural flexibility and is as strong as reinforced concrete but without the steel.

Much More on the Horizon

These are just a few examples of recent innovations in the construction industry. Register Construction is looking forward to seeing these new types of products more widely available in the future, in addition to plenty more incredible designs.

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