While there is no shortage of work needing to be done in the construction industry, supply chain issues and labor shortages are causing problems in the commercial construction arena. Register Construction has felt the pinch of these deficits in recent months, and we know that others in the industry have, too. 

Current Challenges in Construction

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on many aspects of modern life over the past two years, and this includes global shipping and trade. As suppliers have struggled to get back up to speed, other factors have arisen to slow things down, like extreme weather events. Hurricane Ida affected plants that make key ingredients for PVC pipes, and storms in Texas last winter shut down plants that supply materials to make construction plastics.

These types of catastrophic events have led to higher costs for many building materials. This, in turn, has caused many projects to be put on hold due to budgetary concerns. Some contractors are able to find solutions for scarce supplies by substituting other materials, but this also tends to inflate the overall cost of a project. 

It’s hard to say how long these delays are going to affect the industry, but some experts are predicting that it could be 2023 before construction returns to something like pre-pandemic normalcy. While we aren’t exactly pleased with this forecast, you can rest assured that Register Construction has the resiliency to weather these storms, and we’ll still be building high-quality, functional structures when things do finally get straightened out.

Register Construction Is Ready for Anything

After almost half a century in the construction industry, Register Construction has seen plenty of hard times, as well as good times. We can’t tell you what the future might have in store, but we can say that we’ll still be here serving all of your commercial construction needs.

Register Construction’s services include pre-construction, design-build, general contracting, and construction management throughout Polk County and Central Florida. We’ve worked in every sector, including industrial, manufacturing, automotive and retail, warehouse and distribution, office and medical, education, and cold storage. Reach out and learn what we can do for you.