As we forge ahead through the 21st century, Register Construction recognizes that the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability is becoming more crucial. Within the commercial construction industry, many companies are turning to materials that are considered sustainable to help reduce the environmental impact of their projects. Let’s take a look at just what that means.

What Makes Building Materials ‘Sustainable’? 

First, let’s consider what “sustainable” really means. The EPA defines sustainable materials as those which are resource-efficient throughout a building’s life cycle, thereby maintaining a degree of environmental integrity. Some characteristics of what’s considered a sustainable material are as follows:

— Free of harmful toxins and pollutants

— Minimizes resource consumption 

— Has options for recycling after use

— Provides a high-quality, long-lasting build

Here are some examples of sustainable materials:

ICF, or insulated concrete form construction, is great for hurricane-prone areas such as Central Florida because it is resistant to mold, fire, water, and insect damage, plus is excellent for regulating interior temperatures.

Foundational insulation helps reduce a building’s energy consumption by reducing the amount of heat exchange at the structure’s perimeter. Plus, quality insulation will have moisture-wicking qualities that help minimize the risk of water damage and mold.

— Bamboo is gaining in popularity as a building material because it is very strong despite being lightweight, can be grown much more quickly than trees for lumber, and has more consistency within its fiber structure.

Metal siding on the exterior of a building provides an additional layer of insulation and protection against damage caused by storms, fire, or insects, and it can last 50 years or so.

Environmental Responsibility Matters

Register Construction strives for environmental responsibility on all of our projects. Why does sustainability matter so much to us? Because ultimately what we do today will impact tomorrow, and if we want our kids and grandkids to have a healthy planet to inhabit, we need to show them now that we care about their future.

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