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Where would we be as a nation without our heroic military service members? At Register Construction, we respect all those who have bravely served our country and that’s why we want to emphasize the value that veterans can bring to the commercial construction industry.

Veterans Have Much to Offer

After their military service, many veterans struggle to find employment. This is not because they lack the skills for various jobs, though they may find it challenging to communicate how those skills transfer over into civilian work. Let Register Construction outline what many veterans have to offer your company.

  • Team mentality. Veterans are accustomed to relying on their fellow service members to achieve goals, so they are great at working with others towards an objective.
  • Leadership skills. The military instills strong leadership skills in their men and women, so they can not only work well with teammates but also take the reins when necessary.
  • Task-oriented. Military life revolves around identifying and completing objectives, so veterans have a mindset already well-adapted to completing any job they start in a timely manner.
  • Organizational skills. The structure and discipline of military service becomes a way of life for many veterans.
  • Mechanical skills. Many veterans have experience working with heavy machinery or technologically advanced equipment, so they’ll be well equipped to handle whatever equipment you may need them to operate.

These are just a few of the qualities that veterans can bring to the table. Hiring veterans is a great way to show your respect for them while adding highly skilled individuals to your team.

Resources for Veterans

Veterans are always welcome to apply for employment with Register Construction. In addition, here are some resources to help veterans throughout the country find great jobs.

  • ApprenticeshipUSA connects veterans with employers who offer apprenticeship programs so they can pick up the skills they need to succeed in a construction trade.
  • Hard Hat Heroes Initiative provides resources to guide veterans towards getting certified for specific roles within the construction industry.
  • Veterans Build America is a program through Orion Talent that gets veterans employed in construction.
  • Helmets to Hardhats aids veterans, active duty service members, and reserve service members find work with construction companies.